Vacuum Therapy For ED

Pos-T-Vac is a leader in the non-surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) known as Vacuum Therapy. The Erec-Tech is a safe and very effective non-surgical means of helping a man produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse. It does not require medication, injections, or surgery and is effective in treating ED due to many different causes.

Over 98% Effective

Clinical studies show that men who don’t respond well to Viagra® or other oral medications that treat ED saw an improvement of erections when used with Pos-T-Vac vacuum therapy systems.

Improve Spontaneous Erections

A British Journal of Urology study shows that daily use of vacuum therapy led to an improvement in spontaneous erections in 60% of the men in the study.

First Step Treatment

This treatment is recommended as a first step treatment for erectile dysfunction. Pos-T-Vac will produce instant, controllable, and predictable results and at the lowest cost of any therapy.

A solution in seconds not hours.

Vacuum Therapy For ED has become one of the most popular solutions to this problem. An erection is achieved by first, placing the penis in a vacuum cylinder, creating a vacuum which generates blood flow into the penis, which causes engorgement and rigidity.

The natural erection is held by our tension ring, this restricts the flow of blood back out of the penis and can safely maintained an erection for up to 30 minutes.

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Immediate Results

Pos-T-Vac Systems provide you with a solution in seconds, not hours.

Approved by the FDA

You better believe it, Pos-T-Vac is also approved for marketing by the FDA.

Most Popular

Vacuum Therapy has become one of the most popular solutions for ED.

Drug Free

Our solutions for ED do not require any medication, injections, or surgery.

Safe & Easy to Use

A safe, effective and affordable treatment for you and your partner.

60 Day Guarantee

Return the system within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Real People, Real Results.

Bring Sex Back into Your Life