Vacuum Therapy: A Natural ED Solution

Vacuum Therapy: A Natural ED Solution

Heart disease runs in my family. My father, uncle, and grandfather all suffered from it, so when I was diagnosed, I thought I had a decent idea of what to expect. I changed my diet, started exercising, and began taking a blood thinner.

I thought I was doing everything right until one night when my wife and I came home from our weekly date. It had been several months since we were last able to have sex, and, normally, we can’t keep our hands off each other; this time, sadly, my penis wasn’t cooperating and I could not get an erection.

Asking for Help with ED

Confused, I called up my uncle (as much as I love my dad, these types of issues are not his forte). He experienced similar issues, as do many men with heart disease; when blood does not properly circulate to and from the heart, all areas of the body are affected.

Basically, if your body isn’t pumping enough blood through the heart, your penis won’t get enough blood to have a proper erection. Men with heart issues also frequently have poor nerve communication (known as neuropathy) with the heart valves controlling blood flow to the penis the blood thinners don’t help either, as they make it difficult for the penis to retain blood long enough.

The Solution: Vacuum Therapy

I was overwhelmed upon hearing all this, but I assumed that my uncle would just tell me to pick up some Cialis or something and that would be that. However, he recommended vacuum therapy instead; after he began taking nitrates for chest pain, he couldn’t take prescription erectile dysfunction medication.

The erections, he swore, were much stronger and more consistent. They force blood to circulate to the penis and a support ring helps keep it there for up to 30 minutes. That’s all I needed to hear and I was sold.

It’s natural to feel nervous any time you’re trying something new, but my fears went away after the first session. I had my strongest erection in months and my wife and I were finally able to have sex like the old days. I’ve gained my confidence back and I have a renewed sense of energy. Vacuum therapy couldn’t have worked out any better for me.


-John M.