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Pump Heads

IVP-600 Manual pump Head


  • Spring Loaded Manual Pump Head
  • Creates Powerful Vacuum with No effort
  • No Noise During Use – Easy and Discreet
  • Creates a Firm Erection in Minutes
  • Built in Safety Release Valve Prevents Injury
  • Now Available Without a Prescription
  • Made in USA
  • FDA Approved for Marketing

The IVP-600 penis pump for sale is a spring-loaded manually operated pump head is a comfortable head that allows the user to easily control the speed at which the vacuum is created. The user activates the vacuum by simply pressing down on the pump head with a repeated motion which generates a vacuum strong enough to create a firm, rigid erection that lasts. The IVP-600 pump head also has a safety release valve that allows only an adequate amount of vacuum to be created.

Penile Tubes

Adapter Bushings

Personal Lubricant

Immediate Results

Pos-T-Vac Systems provide you with a solution in seconds, not hours.

Approved by the FDA

You better believe it, Pos-T-Vac is also approved for marketing by the FDA.

Most Popular

Vacuum Therapy has become one of the most popular solutions for ED.

Drug Free

Our penis pump for sale solutions for ED do not require any medication, injections, or surgery.

Safe & Easy to Use

A safe, effective and affordable treatment for you and your partner.

60 Day Guarantee

Return the system within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Real People, Real Results.

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