Prostate Cancer

Use Pos-T-Vac to Restore Sexual Function Following Your Prostate Cancer Treatment

One of the primary goals in treating prostate cancer is to have each patient return to pre-operative sexual function following the surgery. Because of the nature of the surgery, the neurovascular bundles are traumatized in surgery and the recovery process requires a rehabilitation time frame.

The Pos-T-Vac Medical Erec-Tech is typically prescribed and used daily to physically rehabilitate the smooth muscle tissue and to insure that proper oxygenated blood flow levels are maintained. By using Erect-Tech, patients will reduce their chance of atrophy and fibrosis.

In doing this, the penis will maintain a healthier state during the period of neuropraxia following surgery. In addition, the vacuum therapy system may reduce chances of penile shrinkage and encourage a quicker return to pre-operative sexual function.

Here are a number of reasons why patients should begin using the Erec-Tech vacuum therapy system as soon as possible, and that may be four to eight weeks after surgery:

Vacuum Therapy may assist in preventing penile shrinkage and maintaining penile length
Vacuum Therapy improves both patient and partner sexual satisfaction and allows for earlier return of spontaneous erections
Vacuum Therapy is the most cost effective of all treatments and routinely reimbursed by Medicare and most health insurance

In addition to therapeutic uses, the Erec-Tech may be used at anytime to produce an instant erection sufficient for intercourse.


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