The Erec-Tech, for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence, Is covered By Medicare. There is no upfront cost!

As an authorized, accredited participating provider of a treatment for ED, UroMatrix gladly accepts Medicare assignment and will file your Medicare and supplemental claims for you with little or no out of pocket expense. Please be sure to indicate on your inquiry that you are covered by Medicare as your primary insurer and we will include the appropriate questionnaire needed to file your Medicare. We also accept most major private insurance plans and many HMO plans.

If Medicare is your primary insurance, you have qualified supplemental coverage and your deductibles have been met for the year, you may be eligible for an Erec-Tech vacuum therapy system to treat your ED with no out of pocket cost. Deductibles and co-payments may apply.

Due to federal regulations guarding your personal information, you must call or place a request for insurance information so that our Customer Service Representatives can help file your Medicare, secondary or private insurance claims. Call (866) 506-7107 or place your request on the contact page of this web site.

UroMatrix personnel will navigate the paperwork needed to attain Medicare and accepted private insurance reimbursement so you receive the Erec-Tech.

The following information is needed so we may attain your system. Please complete the following forms and email them back to, Fax to 706-863-8882, or mail them to:

UroMatrix Medical Systems
4811 Technology Dr.
Augusta, GA 30907

1. Email Release Form

2. Physician Detailed Order