Hard Hearts and Hard Parts: Erectile Dysfunction, Pride, and Staying Healthy

vacuum therapyLet’s talk about erectile dysfunction (ED). The Cleveland Clinic did a study that showed 40% of men over 40 and 70% of men over 70 are affected by erectile dysfunction. Sex is a wonderful, healthy activity that brings couples closer together. When ED gets in the way, things can get hard. Or, rather, the exact opposite.

In another study of people with ED, 25% of them were disappointed in themselves for “letting down their partners” with their inability to regularly satisfy sexually. Aside from the strain this can create between sexual partners, there can be serious underlying health problems responsible for ED.

In plain terms, erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to get and/or maintain an erection during points of sexual arousal. It’s not limited to men of any particular age, but the risk grows as men get older. The causes of erectile dysfunction are variable, each as likely as the next. Sexual dissatisfaction of a partner and personal embarrassment in the face of ED are common physical and emotional side effects, but can be avoided by open communication with your partner and your doctor. This embarrassment can also keep men with ED from disclosing potentially serious health issues.

Talk to Your Doctor
Men are prideful beings. The realization and admission of sexual impotence isn’t a pleasant reality to face. Realize that bodies change with age, and things don’t work the way they used to. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but if addressed early, can be avoided along with other severe contributing health problems.

ED comes with various medical implications, many of which relate to blood flow. As our bodies are a network of blood circulation routes, poor blood flow can be an early warning sign of hardening plaque build up in the arteries. This is detrimental to achieving an erection and increases the risk of heart complications. The connection between ED and heart health are medically recognized and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially with advancing age. While this isn’t true of every man’s ED symptoms, it’s important to understand the connection. Preventative medicine saves lives here, literally and sexually.

Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, A Rarely Sung Hero
There’s the rest of the time when your physical health is up to snuff, but ED still rears its ugly head. You’ve seen countless advertisements for the next best ED pill from big pharma (which is fine when appropriately prescribed and taken), but too many neglect natural remedies. Vacuum Therapy for ED is a recommended natural remedy for erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. It’s natural in the sense that when applied, it uses vacuum pressure and basic physics to draw blood into the penis, making your erection firm and healthy. Studies show that 90% of men with ED are satisfied with the results of the vacuum therapy, giving them naturally achieved erections for up to 30 minutes.

Look, sex is an important part of leading a happy, healthy life. A fulfilling sex life begins with physical health and partner communication. When ED strikes, it’s easy to be ashamed, but it won’t help to neglect your health. Sex health, heart health, and all-around satisfaction makes for happy humans beings. Vacuum therapy is a proven success and steers users in a safer, more natural direction with their erection. Listen to your body. Keep it happy inside and out.