Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve had diabetes for as long as I can remember. The fatigue and the constant blood sugar monitoring definitely take a toll, but perhaps the biggest problem for me has been the decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Naturally, when one has a condition that impacts blood flow, as diabetes does, maintaining an erection does not come easily.

My Talk about Erectile Dysfunction With my Doctor

I talked with my doctor, who told me that I’m not alone. A majority of men with diabetes experience Erectile Dysfunction, and the medications I was taking to help manage my depression (another side effect of diabetes) were not helping in that department either. My doctor gave me some Viagra, and I left the office feeling optimistic. I had seen the dozens of advertisements proclaiming the benefits of the medication, and some of my older male colleagues swore by it. Yet, despite my girlfriend and I taking it slow, I couldn’t get an erection most of the time. On the few occasions I did, it was nowhere near as strong.

After a few weeks taking the Viagra, I met a close friend of mine who also has diabetes. He struggled with Erectile Dysfunction and, like me, didn’t really respond to medication. He told me about vacuum therapy; I was skeptical at first, but he showed me research detailing a 95% success rate in dealing with erectile dysfunction (while Viagra only has a 50-60% success rate). He specifically recommended that I buy the brand Pos-T-Vac. I went home and ordered one right away.

My Experience with Vacuum Therapy

I’ll admit that my first session with the device was… awkward, to say the least. However, the difference is tremendous; my erections have not been as strong or as long-lasting in years, which my girlfriend certainly appreciates! Because my sex life is thriving, my overall confidence and energy is up as well. Vacuum therapy will change your life!

-Jake S.