Our Mission –

Pos-T-Vac Medical offers a safe, effective and affordable return to intimacy.

Our founder.

A victim of ED himself, was a pioneer in the ED treatment industry. He designed and manufactured the first modern day Vacuum Therapy System. Our company continues to engineer and design new systems, always with one thing in mind: to make the system easier and better for you. We are confident that our system can help you return to intimacy.

Vacuum Therapy
Pos-T-Vac Found Ed Stewart

Immediate Results

Pos-T-Vac Systems provide you with a solution in seconds, not hours.

Approved by the FDA

You better believe it, Pos-T-Vac is also approved for marketing by the FDA.

Most Popular

Vacuum Therapy has become one of the most popular solutions for ED.

Drug Free

Our solutions for ED do not require any medication, injections, or surgery.

Safe & Easy to Use

A safe, effective and affordable treatment for you and your partner.

60 Day Guarantee

Return the system within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Real People, Real Results.

Bring Sex Back into Your Life