Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Therapy has been widely recognized and recommended by the medical profession as a safe and effective system for the management of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Evidence shows that Vacuum Therapy Systems are a less expensive and healthier alternative to many of the other options available. The Pos-T-Vac manually-operated system (pictured) for the treatment of ED is FDA Approved for Marketing.

Vacuum Therapy is a safe, effective and reliable non-surgical means of helping a man produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse in a controllable and immediate fashion. It does not require medication, injections, or surgery and is effective in treating ED due to many different causes.

Vacuum Therapy Treatment is a popular solution to the problem of ED. An erection is achieved by first, placing the penis in a vacuum cylinder, then creating a vacuum, which generates blood flow into the penis which causes rigidity. The erection is held by tension rings, which restricts the flow of blood back out of the penis.

Using this system, an erection can be safely maintained for up to 30 minutes at a time. The Pos-T-Vac System can be used as often as the client desires and there is no danger of creating too much vacuum due to the release valve in the system.


Penile Prosthetic Implants (flexible rods or inflatable devices) or Vascular Reconstructive Surgery for ED are surgical options. Surgery is often used as a last resort because of the risks involved.


Many patients can inject medication directly into the penis by themselves. Some patients notice mild discomfort. However, there is the risk of infection, pain, bruises, lumps or scarring within the penis, not to mention that some patients lack the dexterity to give themselves the injection.


If a psychological problem is discovered, counseling can be successful, especially when both partners participate. Counseling may aid in reducing marital tension, maintaining realistic expectations from other treatments, or improving communications. Studies show that less than 15% of men have ED from psychological problems.

Hormonal Therapy

Sometimes, ED and diminished sexual desire are caused by low testosterone levels. For these cases, injections or patches of testosterone (Androderm, Testoderm) may be helpful.

Before pursuing this treatment, patients must go through a blood test to make sure a low blood testosterone level is found. This is not recommended for patients with a history of prostatic cancer, heart, kidney or liver disease.


There are several oral treatments for ED. Some have been produced by major medical companies and have had tremendous media exposure, like Viagra™. Many other unproven and unregulated vitamins and supplement type solutions are also advertised today.

The problem with many of the medications on the market today is that many are not effective in that they do not work for everyone and many can cause various possible side effects. Oral treatments are expensive. For many, the client has to wait several hours before having an erection and in waiting for it to subside.

Timing is key. Chemically proven medications require a prescription and should be used under the supervision of a physician. Many men do not talk to their doctors about their sexual problems and prefer to buy a treatment directly if possible.