Pos-T-Vac Medical offers a safe, effective and affordable return to intimacy.

Pos-T-Vac is a leader in the non-surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) known as Vacuum Therapy. We have been manufacturing and marketing systems for the safe treatment of ED for over 20 years.

Urologists around the world have prescribed and recommended Pos-T-Vac systems for the treatment of ED, and medical studies have been published in the American Journal of Urology and the British Journal of Urology, proving the safety and high success rate of Vacuum Therapy Systems. The United States FDA approved our system for marketing.

Our founder

A victim of ED himself, was a pioneer in the ED treatment industry. He designed and manufactured the first modern day Vacuum Therapy System. Our company continues to engineer and design new systems, always with one thing in mind: to make the system easier and better for you. We are confident that our system can help you return to intimacy.