Return Policy

60-Day Return Policy

**This policy only applies when purchased from Pos-T-Vac**

This policy is effective only at the original point of purchase. If your system does not physically produce an adequate erection for sexual intercourse please call (800)279-7434. You will then need to speak with one of our trained Support Specialists.

Return Authorization may only be permitted within 30 days from date of receipt .Proof of purchase is required and the return must be to the point of purchase. In order for you to return your system, your Support Specialist must issue a Return Goods Authorization (RGA).

If authorized, you must return all components, booklets and DVD to the point of purchase. Any system returned to Pos-T-Vac, Inc. without a returned goods authorization number will be refused and returned to sender without a refund being processed. Upon authorization of return only the cost of the system will be refunded, not shipping and handling. Pos-T-Vac is able to provide the means for erection, but not patient motivation or a willing sex partner .

Our company provides access to a committed staff to insure that each and every patient has the opportunity of being successful with vacuum therapy treatment. Vacuum therapy does not necessarily elevate man’s libido, overcome a bad relationship, or restore lost youth. Vacuum Therapy is designed to allow a couple to control their sexual intimacy by providing a predictable and immediate method to create an erection for intercourse.

There are also profound benefits of vacuum therapy as a rehabilitation tool and to prevent penile deterioration. We are always happy to discuss any problems that you may have with the use of the system. If you would like to order replacement parts, please call (800)279-7434. Our hours of operation are: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.